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chris butler [+tive digital footprint]

I currently conduct [ethnographic] design research a design consultancy based in London, and am fortunate enough to do something I love that also allows me to visit people and places that otherwise I wouldn’t.

The idea of this blog is to share some of the encounters I have and some of the thoughts that happen along the way. It’s starting as a collection of small observations and I’m not one hundred percent sure where I will take it.

Observations are taken from my own travel and daily life, as well as my work research trips but they are not necessarily reflective of my employer’s opinion, projects or clients. I spend most of my day thinking about these things so I wanted this to be slightly different – less structured, freer…

All the content is my own unless stated otherwise but I will credit others if I use their ideas or pictures. I will also try to be sensitive to the people [most likely as a result of years of being sensitive to peoples personal data] that become subjects.

You may use imagery or ideas from this site they are published under the following creative commons license* and should be clearly credited to this site.

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